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April 2003 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Award"!

Statistics about applications, winners, non-winners and disqualifieds is in view on the Status-page of this Award program.

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Flag of Finland, Mooney's MiniFlags BLACK RUSSIAN TERRIER (4/07/2003)

Marja-Riitta, Finland
Black Russian Terriers in Finland.
- history of this rare breed
- character and standard
- special show results since 1993 ->
- pictures and my own dogs
- dog banner collection and more

Flag of India, Mooney's MiniFlags Indian MEDLARS Centre (4/12/2003)
Indian MEDLARS Centre

Naina Pandita, India
Site providing free access to peer reviewed Indian biomedical literature.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags The Crystal Sea (4/13/2003)
The Crystal Sea

David Bradley, USA
A Web Site dedicated to a Inner City Church Bus Route whose primary purpose is to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ and to up lift its visitors. Bible helps, Ministry Software, MIDI Hymnal, FAQ, Poetry, Polls, Ministry News Updates.
TCS Awards Program.

Flag of Pakistan, Mooney's MiniFlags Mindless Perfection CV-X95 (4/16/2003)
Mindless Perfection CV-X95

Loren Sebastian,
Mindless perfection home to those who have interest in applying for an award, web designing tools and other internet resources as well.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags Mom Advocate (4/27/2003)
The Crystal Sea

Susan Hickman, USA
Mom Advocate explores the life of a child with Down Syndrome in an effort to change society's attitudes towards all people with disabilities. Details of our experiences with the community, family members and the public school system illustrate how the attitudes of society impact the life of a child with disability.

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