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August 2005 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Awards"!

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Gold Award Winners of August 2005:
Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags The Ol' Hook & Eye:
A Website on the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad

The Ol' Hook & Eye: A Website on the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad

Jerry Hartzler, USA

The Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad was a charming backwoods railroad that ran in the heart of Pennsylvania. The KV was known as "the short line with a long name," and it's no wonder that local residents cooked up their own nicknames - the "Lofty Vanderbilt," the "Hair Line" or the "Ol' Hook & Eye" - reflecting its character and country mystique.

Flag of Israel, Mooney's MiniFlags The History of Laurel Wreath (2005-08-21)

The History of Laurel Wreath

Liza Kliko, Israel

This small website will take you to the roots of the 'laurel wreath' tradition, starting from the Greek myth and up until its today`s casual use. Additionally, you will find my personal awards program inside.

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    Silver Award Winners of August 2005:    
2005-08-06. Ciosbahn
Little train layout in n scale, with a fantasy track and country.
Webmaster: Fabrizio Sesana, Italy
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