Juhani Kerkkonen

My portrait (above), and I'm reading Wittgenstein (below).

I'm reading Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigtions

My workstation at home

My PC-workstation at my home in Helsinki in the beginning of 2004.


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Hi, my name is Juhani Kerkkonen and I'm over 60 years old male. I have lived since 1975 in Helsinki, Finland, where I also was born on 1947-03-13. If you are interested in getting to know more about my home country, here is for you Virtual Finland, where you can find many topical and useful links to news about Finland, Foreign Ministry, politics and events of Finland.

As you can see from my site, Conceptanalysis, Language and Logic, I'm interested in Philosophical Logic, Languages, Literature, Internet, etc.. Since 1975 I have been a clerical employee of The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (SII), as a Systems Analyst until the end of 2005, when I took early retirement.

Even though my Award Program is quite young, I've been acting with the net since May 1989, when I launched my first FidoNet-box (later node: 2/220/180.0). First my box was operating NWRK (= not working hours), but since the beginning of 1992 non-stop, 24H (with an exception of a couple of service breaks per month). The name of my box was all the time "Electric Barrel-Organ Bulletin Board Service System" (E.B.O.B.B.S) until the end of year 2001, when I closed it down. I was acting as a SysOp (System Operator) of E.B.O.B.B.S, but I had several AsstSysOps at different times, 1-12 person at a time.
Once more, I'd like to express many grateful thanks for their help and ideas during those memorable times!

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I have also a great opportunity to be one of the signatories of Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness - News Media.

Here's for you a diagram, drawn by myself, dealing with Astronomy, Statistics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and also Theoretical Physics (Quantum Theory etc.) and Medicine:

Hard- and software used to the evaluation process:

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The following excellent poem is published with the permission by the author, Denny Lancaster from Lancasters Laughing Place and Talking Hands Award:

A Website Reviewer
by Denny Lancaster

A web site reviewer will often look,
not into just their library of books
but beyond mere words, graphics and links,
into what the author thinks,
and imagine a mind of skills and pains they took.

The immediate task we often will ask,
after finishing our reviewer task,
is there something here for us to learn,
a splash of hidden genius, for which we yearn
so in their genius our souls may bask.

Spell bound, we return there to glean more,
ideas, journeys and pictures which they store,
in a tapestry of life on our world wide web,
finding a hidden love for ourselves, instead
and we hid the mind sets we pathetically bore.

Many warmhearted thanks to Denny Lancaster!

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The computer revolution in philosophy
Aaron Sloman:
The Computer Revolution in Philosophy (1978).