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January 2004 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Award"!

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Flag of France, Mooney's MiniFlags Marseille Prospective Lions Club (1/11/2004)

Marseille Prospective Lions Club

Didier Grau, France
Our club's main activities are: Talking book library for visually impaired persons, Sihanoukville orphanage (Cambodia), Humani Terra (N.G.O.), Lions Opera Club.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags My Link in Time (1/17/2004)

My Link in Time

Bernard Howe, USA
Over 4400 family members listed our family tree. Great search tips section, the Keepsake Awards Program, old family photo's, original documents, original graphics, poems and much more.

Flag of Netherlands, Mooney's MiniFlags BV.Lindenheuvel (1/20/2004)


Huub Crapels, Netherlands
A site about the noble art of the billiardsport with different games and rules and the history of the billiardsports.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags Portfolio of Jim Conte (1/31/2004)

Portfolio of Jim Conte

Jim Conte, USA
Illustration, Fine Art, Web Development and Graphic Design by New York artist Jim Conte.

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