Monthly winners 2004:

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Bronze Award Winners

No winners up to date.


July 2004 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Awards"!

Statistics about applications, winners, non-winners and disqualifieds is in view on the Status-page of this Award program.

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Gold Award Winners of July 2004:
Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags The Adagio Awards (7/17/2004)

The Adagio Awards

Sheli Howard, USA
The Adagio Awards honors those who excel in web site design. The site is designed in tribute to the prima ballerinas and offers information about the ballet. Web design tips and services are also offered.

Mini flags are provided by Mooney's MiniFlags

Silver Award Winners of July 2004:

                          No winners up to date.                          

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