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March 2003 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Award"!

Statistics about applications, winners, non-winners and disqualifieds is in view on the Status-page of this Award program.

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Flag of Italy, Mooney's MiniFlags DISKA's PHOTOS (3/09/2003)

Dan Diska, Italy
My best photos for your desktop wallpaper to download for free.

I remind you that in Diska's Photos:

  • you can choose among 261 original wallpapers photos.
  • you can choose the music to listen, while visiting the site, among 25 more proposed.
  • you can choose your language among english, italian and spanish.
  • you can use an internal searching engine to find quickly your wallpaper.
  • you can download the photos you like without being obliged to download before other programs, but only with some simple clicks.

...and without to be compelled to see any advertisement.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags JerryD's Music Site (3/12/2003)
JerryD's Music Site

Jerry Tucker, USA
Child safe site with emphasis on code accuracy. Lots of music, tons of freebies and web tools. Free submit engine that lets you submit to the top 40 search engines with just "one click". Award program with AS! rated awards.

Flag of United Kingdom, Mooney's MiniFlags Witheridge-A Gateway to the Two Moors Way (3/15/2003)
Witheridge-A Gateway to the Two Moors Way

David C Taylor, UK
This English community website was designed by a local resident to provide local community information for residents, and also to promote out lovely village on the world wide internet. I believe that it is a fine example of what a community web site should be, and that it sets a standard in keeping with the true aims of the internet community.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags American Awards (3/16/2003)
The American Awards

Megan Marsh, USA
The American Awards are awarded to Webmasters that have demonstrated a high standard in web design, content and graphics. The goal of this award program is to honor those sites that provide a safe and enriching experience to it's visitors. We want to showcase the sites that offer their best to the internet and display them here on American Awards.

Flag of South Korea, Mooney's MiniFlags Korea (3/19/2003)

Jin Seok, Kim,
South Korea
Web Master's art work and graphic design and photos. Extensive resource for information on the country of South Korea, as well as a resident award program.

Flag of South Korea, Mooney's MiniFlags Korea Orchid (3/19/2003)
Korea Orchid

Jin Seok, Kim,
South Korea
Information and photos about the Korean Orchid and Wildflowers and an award program site.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags (3/23/2003)

Charles LaRocca, USA
The ultimate webmaster resource directory. We have everything a webmaster could ever need graphics, templates, clipart, sponsors, CGI, javascript, html, software, and more. Also a new award program rated 3.5 by AS!.

Flag of Uruguay, Mooney's MiniFlags Uruguay (3/29/2003)

Jorge A. Franco,
Web site about Uruguay, friendly and natural south american country. History, Culture, Environment, Attractions, and more.

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