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March 2004 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Award"!

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Flag of Belgium, Mooney's MiniFlags Tim's Spider corner (3/06/2004)

Tim's Spider corner

Tim Beylemans, Belgium
Tim's Spider corner is an educational site for all spider fans that addresses the conservation of nature. You will find bird eating spider information, as well as an assortment of pictures, handling tips, resource links, a spider knowledge quiz, and the complete anatomy of a bird eating spider.

Flag of United Kingdom, Mooney's MiniFlags UK Chemical Reaction Hazard Forum (3/11/2004)

UK Chemical Reaction Hazard Forum

Dr. Ron Jones, United Kingdom
This site is a way of sharing unpublished chemical reaction incidents, to the world, with a view to try to educate other scientists of unknown potential dangers.

Flag of India, Mooney's MiniFlags Remittag is personal online knowledge builder (3/15/2004)

Remittag is personal online knowledge builder

Naveen, India
Remittag is a personal online knowledge builder which offers General Knowledge, Trivia, Vocabulary Building, Clean Jokes and Humour, Quizzes, Edutainment Games, Personality write-ups, World and India News Quiz, Cricket Quiz, Facts and Figures, Puzzles, and Life Facts (Wisdom Bytes) to help Teachers, Students, Parents, Knowledge seekers & Quizzers.

Flag of Italy, Mooney's MiniFlags La Regia Marina (3/18/2004)

La Regia Marina

Arnaldo Borsa, Italy
Italian Royal Navy (Regia Marina) in WWII: preparation, organization, craft and history. In Italian and in English.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags Design Forward / Sustainable Designs (3/27/2004)

Design Forward / Sustainable Designs

Lisa Van Veen, USA
Design Forward is an architectural design firm promoting the use of Sustainable and Green Building, Straw Bale Construction, Renewable Energy, and Modern Architecture.

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