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May 2006 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Awards"!
             Gold Award Winners:             
Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags 2006-05-28. Pelaqita Persians
Webmaster: Susan MacArthur, USA

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Pelaqita Persians Small, family-operated, cageless, CFA registered cattery showing Persian cats. We occasionally have kittens available for placement. Negative for FIV & FeLV. Ringworm free. PKD aware. Solids, bi-colors, parti-colors, & tabbies. Written contract/health-genetic guarantee. Website includes education for the first-time cat owner with lots of information regarding health issues, grooming, nutrition, games, and more.

            Silver Award Winners:            
Flag of United Kingdom, Mooney's MiniFlags 2006-05-08. Caronia II Timeline
Webmaster: Peter Stevens, United Kingdom

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Charting the glittering career of Cunard's world-famous 'Green Goddess' - the RMS Caronia. Enjoy exploring an era of luxury ocean travel that is not likely to be repeated!

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