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November 2003 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Award"!

Statistics about applications, winners, non-winners and disqualifieds is in view on the Status-page of this Award program.

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Flag of Vietnam, Mooney's MiniFlags Vietnam Pictures to your mind and eyes (11/13/2003)
Vietnam Pictures to your mind and eyes

Buu Son, Vietnam
Best photos Vietnam Gallery is dedicated to anyone who cares about or feels interested in pictures of Vietnam, the country, nature, rich cultures and people.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags SFG Fantasy Art Gallery (11/28/2003)
SFG Fantasy Art Gallery

Brian Forrester, USA
SFG is devoted to fantasy art and to veterans. We also host a rated awards program.

Flag of Sweden, Mooney's MiniFlags Swedish Golden Retrievers Raspberry Robin et al (11/30/2003)
Swedish Golden Retrievers Raspberry Robin et al

Eva Lindqvist
Fagerström, Sweden
Swedish Golden Retrievers Raspberry Robin et al is a web site about Golden Retrievers. Facts about the origin of the breed Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever graphics (free to use for all), briefly presentations of our dogs through the years, and an quality independent award program. Links to Golden Retriever web sites around the world. Now and then a CSS-tips.

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