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October 2005 Winners

Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Awards"!

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Gold Award Winners of October 2005:
Flag of Italy, Mooney's MiniFlags Euromania (2005-10-13)


Raffaele Russo, Italy

If you have ever wondered just what the Euro is, here, you can view the euro coins with descriptions and learn what countries are in the European Union that are part of the Eurozone. Visit also Euromania Forum, the place to discuss Euro coins.

Mini flags are provided by Mooney's MiniFlags

Silver Award Winners of October 2005:
2005-10-03. Pelaqita Persians
We are a small, family-operated, cageless, CFA & TICA registered cattery. We show, love & breed Persians. Our kittens are raised with our family & have lots of love & socialization. Breeding cats are tested for & are negative for FIV, FeLV, & PKD. We work with solids, bi-color, calicos, and tabbies. Written contract/health-genetic guarantee. Our goal is to provide information for the first time owner on early spay/neuter programs, health issues facing the Persian, and recommendations for books for further information on Persians.
Webmaster: Susan MacArthur, USA
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