"CLL Website Awards" is intended for educational, personal, non-commercial (small-business of a couple of persons or a family may apply) or service sites. I'm giving priority to educational sites and sites with Internet-related services. The purpose of this award is, for my part, distribute encouragement to good mission and knowledge in Internet and Award communities by rewarding excellent web sites with an award.

If you win my award "CLL Website Awards", you will be listed in my winners' list (Gold winners with a screenshot of your site's index page). Reciprocally I presume, that a winner presents an award image on his/her site with a link back to my site. More detailed instructions with an award-image and html fragment will be sent to winners via email.

If you think you are ready to fill in an application, please don't hesitate to start by reading at least "Ethics"-, "Disqualification"- and "Criteria"-topics. By clicking the "Next"-arrow, you can read topics of this Award Program in the same order as mentioned in navigation bar below. If after reading, you think you can still agree with the purpose and ethics of this Award Program and your site's mission, content and design meet the criteria of this Award Program, then feel free to continue with an application.

Authors' calendar
Authors from Vergilius to latest Nobel Prize winners, great books etc.
Plato and his dialogues
Plato and his dialogues online including a list of Plato's works.
The computer revolution in philosophy
Aaron Sloman:
The Computer Revolution in Philosophy (1978).