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Lady Dorothea's Celtic Castle Designs - Award graphics, Backgrounds, Buttons, Banners, etc. - The Ultimate Free Tools and Best Free Webmaster Resources

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css Zen Garden
The Beauty in CSS Design

Dynamic Drive
DHTML (dynamic html) & JavaScript code library (TM) - The Definitive JavaScript Resource JavaScript Tutorials and Free Java Scripts

AwardStat(TM) at D

For the awardmaster in general, the Smokin' Award AP offers the AwardStat program. This JavaScript code makes it easy to post an automated statistics table within your own awards program.

Magazines and Articles

NetNacs! eZine (Newsletter available for subscription.) D

NetNacs! eZine - Enjoy profound thoughts, humor, human interest, tech and webmaster advice, top sites, and topical news in its Commentary, WebBits, Helpful Hints, GenXnow, TeenTalk, DownUnder, NovaSite, and NetNews feature sections. (Newsletter available for subscription.)

Talking Hands Award -
ABC Book of Award Givers

Author: Denny Lancaster, since the summer of 2006

A Closer Look At The Controversy Over The Internet's Birthday! You Decide

2003-01-15. From CircleID Internet Governance by Ronda Hauben.

Free resources

Poetic Soul Free Resources Center D

Poetic Soul Free Resources Center - Tutorials, Free Photos, Free Graphics, Free Mail Forms, Free Guestbooks, Free Hit Counters

Special recognitions

NovaSite January 2007 of Award Sites! D

The Brothers Grinn, Denny Lancaster and Bernie Howe, selected CLL Award Program as NovaSite January 2007 of Award Sites! (January 03, 2007)



Website Award Resources

Listings and Ratings
Award Sites! D

Award Sites! - Ratings, Recognition, and Resources . . . Bettering the Net By Striving for Excellence!


UWSAG, United Web Site Award Givers.

Join WebsAwards Today D

WebsAwards, indexing your Award Programs, award resources, apply for quality awards, etc.

Association for Web Awards Rating and Development, Rating Level 4.5 D

AWARD Association for Web Awards Rating and Development. Welcome to the AWARD, here your award program will be reviewed with total impartiality, considering, especially, the content. You do not have to be a webdesigner or a webmaster to see your work valued in our association. We wish you good luck!

Belgica Excellence Index D

BEI, Belgica Excellence Index, a pure Belgian Award Program rating index that wishes to reward "excellence through technical achievements". Now technical achievements are to be seen in their broadest sense.

Website Awards Worksheet D

Website Awards Worksheet - Home of the Superb! Awards and Website Awards Worksheet, a free resource that helps you apply for Web awards to over 500 Award Sites around the world and track your activities!

The World Wide Web Awards Certification. D

The World Wide Web Awards Certification Program.

The Awards Awards D

*The Awards Awards* Homepage, by Ulrich Leive - The World's Largest Web Directory for Award Pages, a great resource for award seekers, including the TOP TEN most awarded personal homepages.

Lorelei Web Awards Listing D

Lorelei Web Awards Listing, by Liza Kliko. List your Program in Lorelei Web Awards Listing.

Web Awards Database D

Web Awards Database, The mission of the Web Awards Database (WAD) is to grow and maintain a global record of all active web award programs.

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Forums and Chat Rooms
Award Sites! Assembly Forum D

Award Sites!
Assembly Forum        


United Web Site Award Givers Forum

Delphi Forums

Delphi Forums

CLL Assembly Forums D

CLL Assembly Forums
Conceptanalysis, Language and Logic Forums

Other Awards Resources
Awards Scoop D

Awards Scoop - Web Awards Community online media press kit.

Award Sites! Help Now! Resources D

WebsAwards Help Now! Resources D

UWSAG Help Now! Resources D

Help Now! Resources
Mission Statement: The Award Community consists of many organizations whose primary purpose is to assist persons new to the creation of a website presence and introduce them to the wonderful world of award giving and award program creation. We call this Help Now.
This inclusive approach by all organizations will provide peer to peer assistance, resources, areas of interest, expertise, tutorials, webmaster tricks and tips; it is open ended by linking in a meaningul way the vast resources within each organization and their individual memberships, subject only to the submission and editorial policies ( TOS ) of each organization and this web page is a small part of what Help Now provides.

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Gifts to CLL Website Awards
Thank Your Beautiful Award, Korea Awards

"Dear Juhani,
Thank your beautiful award.
And thank for visiting and evaluate my program during much times. Thank to you again.
Have a nice day!"
Jin Seok, Kim / Owner
Korea Orchid

Aiko Timmer's Genealogy Page

Friendship Badge of Aiko Timmer's Genealogy Page (2005-08-04).

Many thanks to Aiko Timmer for his nice and friendly present!

.: Tim's Spider corner :.

Friendship Award of
.: Tim's Spider corner :.

Many thanks to Tim Beylemans for his wonderful Friendship Award!

Authors' calendar
Authors from Vergilius to latest Nobel Prize winners, great books etc.
Plato and his dialogues
Plato and his dialogues online including a list of Plato's works.
The computer revolution in philosophy
Aaron Sloman:
The Computer Revolution in Philosophy (1978).