Monthly winners 2004:

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Bronze Award Winners

6/08/2004. Mini Horse World
The #1 internet resource for the miniature horse industry!
Webmaster: Samantha Sillett, USA

6/27/2004. The Myers Family History
The genealogy of two Myers families and their related surnames. Includes: charts, stories, photographs, and more.
Webmaster: Sheila Myers, USA

9/19/2004. Mathews United Methodist Church On-line
Highlights the beliefs, mission statement, activities, ministries, prayer requests, and photo album for this active Greenwood, South Carolina United Methodist Church. Also includes our worship schedule, contact information and driving directions.
Webmaster: Dale Frederick Moseley, USA

11/07/2004. easy HTools: Our Products
Here you can find some software developed and supported by 'easy HTools' for working with HTML.
Webmaster: Andrey Aleksanyants, Armenia

11/29/2004. Tom Chao's Paper Money Gallery
Educational, information on world paper money, galleries, banknotes for sale.
Webmaster: Thomas Chao, USA


Winners of the year 2004

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Gold Award Winners of the year 2004:
Flag of Netherlands, Mooney's MiniFlags It's Wishcraft !!! (6/08/2004)

It's Wishcraft !!!

Hannah, Netherlands
My world... for you. Cats, horses, Bewitched, an awards program, Australia and Christmas pages: lots of information next to fun downloads. Curious? Please take a look!

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags The Adagio Awards (7/17/2004)

The Adagio Awards

Sheli Howard, USA
The Adagio Awards honors those who excel in web site design. The site is designed in tribute to the prima ballerinas and offers information about the ballet. Web design tips and services are also offered.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags (9/14/2004)

aleeya, USA
What began as a place to stick frequently referenced notes has evolved into From technical information about computers, adware and spyware to gaming, book collections, reviews, humor, Amateur radio information, and much more.. be sure to see what is today.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags Tarje Grover Family Website (11/15/2004)

Tarje Grover Family Website

A A Grover, USA
Tarje Grover (1831-1895) immigrated to America from Norway in 1842. This website traces his life and provides biographies of his wife, eight children, and some of their descendants.

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Silver Award Winners of the year 2004:
8/02/2004. Symi Island - Municipality of Symi
Everything you ever wanted to know about Symi's island : history, characteristics, the Festival, culture, sights and local enterprise. Rich photographic material available.
Webmaster: Stamatis Kritikos, Greece

8/29/2004. Salamanders Young Burn Survivors
Designed for children and young people, this site gives information on burns and first aid and has links to further information, plus a contact base for burn survivors.
Webmaster: Sylvia, United Kingdom

10/10/2004. The Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Sims Graves
A Graves Family site containg historical data, genealogy, historic sites, famous family, photos, comments and more.
Webmaster: Michael D. Graves, USA

Authors' calendar
Authors from Vergilius to latest Nobel Prize winners, great books etc.
Plato and his dialogues
Plato and his dialogues online including a list of Plato's works.
The computer revolution in philosophy
Aaron Sloman:
The Computer Revolution in Philosophy (1978).