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Merit Award Winners

2005-03-12. The Art of Melendez
The Art of Melendez is a showcase for the artwork of Tony Melendez. Tony is an artist who paints his dreams. Experience the magic... experience the wonder.
Webmaster: Gary Dyer, USA

2005-04-13. Amateur Astronomy Awards Program
A program that presents awards to deserving personal websites in the field of amateur astronomy through hard work determined by criteria, disqualifiers, a self-test, and site reviews with the possibility of a rewarding Gold, Silver, or Bronze Award for Excellence.
Webmaster: Larry Harrison, USA

2005-06-28. Aiko Timmer's Genealogy Page
This site is dedicated to the genealogy of Hindrick Jans Luinenborger, the oldest known ancestor of the majority of the people around the world with surnames Haaijer and Haayer I'm trying to make the site user friendly and easy to navigate for those people who are not familiar with genealogy but who just would like to see who their ancestors are. Other genealogists are more than welcome to visit my site,but my aim is to reach the "non-genealogist" first.
Webmaster: Aiko Timmer, Netherlands

2005-11-28. Behavioral Health Generations
BHG is an intergovernmental administrative services organization that provides business services to our member agencies. Our Web site was designed as a Web portal for information on behavioral healthcare.




Praiseworthy congratulations to all winners
of the "CLL Website Awards"!
Gold Award Winners of the year 2005:
Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags Poetry from the Heart (2005-01-22)

Poetry from the Heart

Bernard Howe, USA

Clean new Design to display all my original Poetry and short stories. Poems are seen in a pop-up window for ease of navigation and faster load times. In the poetry style section there is 18 different types with a Definition and example of each plus a nice large list of writing links to help you along in your writing.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags The Ancestors and Descendants
of Thomas Sims Graves

The Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Sims Graves

Michael D. Graves, USA

A Graves Family site containing historical data, genealogy, historic sites, famous family, old photos, unique facts and comments.

Flag of Australia, Mooney's MiniFlags Rhianna's Rampage (2005-05-27)

Rhianna's Rampage

Rhianna Blackthorn,

Starting as a place where I could display my art work, Rhianna's Rampage evolved into a site that allows me to spread my conservation message by sharing stories of the wildlife I rescue and rehabiliate.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags
Tamuril's Digital Art Exhibit
(2005-07-20) Tamuril's Digital Art Exhibit

Tamuril, USA

Tamuril's free desktop wallpaper downloads and digital artwork. Features Vue D'Esprit 3d gallery, fractal gallery, vector gallery, and photoshop gallery.

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Flag of Argentina, Mooney's MiniFlags Machiavelli (2005-07-30)


Alberto Paronetto,

A site about "The Prince", the most important work of Niccolò Machiavelli (1469 - 1527), Italian statesman and political philosopher, father of modern political theory.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags The Ol' Hook & Eye:
A Website on the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad

The Ol' Hook & Eye: A Website on the Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad

Jerry Hartzler, USA

The Kishacoquillas Valley Railroad was a charming backwoods railroad that ran in the heart of Pennsylvania. The KV was known as "the short line with a long name," and it's no wonder that local residents cooked up their own nicknames - the "Lofty Vanderbilt," the "Hair Line" or the "Ol' Hook & Eye" - reflecting its character and country mystique.

Flag of Israel, Mooney's MiniFlags The History of Laurel Wreath (2005-08-21)

The History of Laurel Wreath

Liza Kliko, Israel

This small website will take you to the roots of the 'laurel wreath' tradition, starting from the Greek myth and up until its today`s casual use. Additionally, you will find my personal awards program inside.

Flag of United Kingdom, Mooney's MiniFlags Lookinglass Works Visionary &
Spiritual Art

Lookinglass Works Visionary & Spiritual Art

Lauren Halkon, United Kingdom

Mystical and spiritual artwork and visionary fiction celebrating the inner journey of the female psyche by Lauren Halkon. Signed books; open and limited edition prints; unique art gifts; free screensavers, ecards, wallpaper, tutorials & jigsaws.

Flag of Italy, Mooney's MiniFlags Euromania (2005-10-13)


Raffaele Russo, Italy

If you have ever wondered just what the Euro is, here, you can view the euro coins with descriptions and learn what countries are in the European Union that are part of the Eurozone. Visit also Euromania Forum, the place to discuss Euro coins.

Flag of USA, Mooney's MiniFlags Arcanelife (2005-12-15)


Stephen Saunders, USA

Arcanelife is a personal hobby and a personal domain, it's something I enjoy working on that visitors will find helpful and entertaining. Content is not focused on one particular theme, there is varying content such as personal memoirs, information on the rare Virginia Fairy Stones, a beautiful cemetery gallery, an awards program and more. It's a site not soon forgotten by those who visit there...

Mini flags are provided by Mooney's MiniFlags

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Silver Award Winners of the year 2005:
2005-03-08. Jonathan's Corner
An eclectic assortment of art, avant-garde work, books, creative writing, a dictionary, a dream, essays, fantasy, fiction, games, inquiries, jokes and humor, a journal, koans, lists, literature, musings, nonfiction, novels, painting, photographs, and other pictures, philosophy, role play, science fiction, stories, theology, and webmaster / web design / usability / information architect services.
Webmaster: Jonathan Hayward, USA

2005-04-09. A Scoff an' Scuff
Our hand-coded site celebrates the beautiful, remote wilderness of Labrador West; but we also include information on our neighbors: Newfoundland, Labrador Central and Northern Quebec.
We offer over 300 downloadable photos for our guests for wallpaper and e-cards.
Webmaster: Gary and Debbie S., Canada

2005-04-11. Kimmy's Atheist Site
This site has the goal of improving the lives of individual atheists through positive thought and shared experience, as well as improving the perception of atheists in our society. It features an advice column, essays, poetry, biographies, book reviews, links, FAQ, and more.
Webmaster: Kimmy Cole, USA

2005-04-25. Mathews United Methodist Church

Our church website highlights the beliefs, mission statement, activities, ministries, prayer requests, and photo album for this active Greenwood, South Carolina United Methodist Church. Also includes our worship schedule, contact information and driving directions.
Webmaster: Dale Frederick Moseley, USA

2005-06-02. Cockatiel World
Cockatiel World provides an educational and informative insight into the world of the Cockatiel.
Webmaster: Lynda Valkyrie, Australia

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2005-06-15. The Scoliosis Tree
A comprehensive (but always growing!) informative website about Scoliosis and the pros and cons of various treatment methods available for patients. Its aim is to stress the importance of researching your chosen/intended treatment path and know exactly what is involved before committing yourself...
Webmaster: Erika Maude, United Kingdom

2005-07-18. Liza Kliko`s official website
Liza Kliko`s first official website, contains the singer`s lyrics, photos, wallpaper-graphics, and is an expression for personal design ideas.
Webmaster: Liza Kliko, Israel

2005-08-06. Ciosbahn
Little train layout in n scale, with a fantasy track and country.
Webmaster: Fabrizio Sesana, Italy

2005-09-25. Chenoa German Shepherds
We are a small home-based kennel and have been breeding, raising, training, and competing our German Shepherd Dogs since 1989. Our reputation is based on producing friendly, outgoing puppies, our integrity in dealing with our puppy buyers, our open-door policy, and on-going education about our beloved breed. Our site is geared not to producing or selling puppies but rather to educate the first time owner. Our site has a lot of information on health issues, nutrition, care, behavior, how to find a reputable breeder. Additionally, we are always available to answer questions and recommend breeders.
Webmaster: Susan MacArthur, USA

2005-10-03. Pelaqita Persians
We are a small, family-operated, cageless, CFA & TICA registered cattery. We show, love & breed Persians. Our kittens are raised with our family & have lots of love & socialization. Breeding cats are tested for & are negative for FIV, FeLV, & PKD. We work with solids, bi-color, calicos, and tabbies. Written contract/health-genetic guarantee. Our goal is to provide information for the first time owner on early spay/neuter programs, health issues facing the Persian, and recommendations for books for further information on Persians.
Webmaster: Susan MacArthur, USA

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2005-11-05. Franscape
Franscape is a portal dedicated to web developing - supplying tutorials, advertising, web design, and other services.
Webmaster: Jon Francis, USA
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