Views of History

During the history, there have been (at least) three main views to explain occurrences inside communities and societies.

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(According to Professor Yrjö Ahmavaara)

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Language & Logic

In order to gain an understanding of the nature of a correspondence between language, logic and occurrences in the world, here is for you:

The structure of a language and the scheme of languages: (1)

* The structure of a language *

The structure of a language

* The scheme of languages *

The scheme of languages

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The scheme of feedback-circle below shows how the special acts changes the world of reality:

Feedback-circle between reality and acts:

Feedback-circle between reality and acts

"Feedback-circle which represents an interaction between objective and subjective" (by Yrjö Ahmavaara(2), Professor of theoretical physics and social methodology).

The description of a "possible world":

The possible world

After we have get to know branches and trends of the logic,
I think we are able to continue dealing with the Philosophical logic(4).

More illuminations dealing with the Philosophical Logic are on view on the page:
Georg Henrik von Wright, the inventor of the Modern Deontic Logic.

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