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Encyclopædia Britannica
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Irminsul Ættir - Runes
- Futharks
- Runelore
- Archeological and Historical Information
- Rune Groups and Discussions
- Rune Sets and Artwork
- Rune Casting Programs
- Fonts

MacTutor History of Mathematics
- Biographies Index
- History Topics Index
- Famous curves index
- Mathematicians of the day
- Search the archive
Created by John J O'Connor and Edmund F Robertson

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
- general writing concerns (such the writing process and writing about specific topics)
- English as a Second Language (such as writing for an American audience and help with English conventions)
- grammar, spelling, and punctuation (such as commas and appositives)
- research and documenting sources (including MLA and APA styles)
- professional writing (such as resumes and cover letters)
- practice exercises that allow you to check your answers online
- etc.

Table of Contents - The Skeptic's Dictionary
Alphabetical Index
From Abracadabra to Zombis

Welcome to The LINGUIST List
The world's largest online linguistic resource

Linguist List - Web Resource Listings
- Constructed Languages
- Endangered Languages
- Language Families
- Language Meta Sites
- Natural Languages
- Writing Systems

LINGUIST List 6.456 Elvis in Latin



(1) Links to alphabets, grammars, language, language typology, linguistics, numerals and semantics

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Language typology:
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(2) Yrjö Ahmavaara


(4) Philosophical logic

Authors' calendar
Authors from Vergilius to latest Nobel Prize winners, great books etc.
by kirjasto.fi.
Plato and his dialogues
Plato and his dialogues online including a list of Plato's works.
The computer revolution in philosophy
Aaron Sloman:
The Computer Revolution in Philosophy (1978).